About Us

Here at ScrumBum we were sick of having to buy men’s and boy’s shorts to play rugby. No matter where we looked it was always just “Rugby Shorts” and they were designed with men in mind. This meant crotch bunching, excess material, rolled up waist bands and shorts that ended up under your armpits. It then became apparent that this was happening in other sports too, and if you wanted a pair of women’s shorts they were going to be very short, very flimsy and not an every day go to short.

So we have decided to take action! We have made a pair of shorts that had women who play real sports front and center in the design process. A thick, comfy waist band, and a proper cut around the legs and bum mean that you can now play sport, gym, or just relax in comfort and style.

We also want to celebrate and promote women’s rugby and sport in general. So ScrumBum is working on additional products to help the ladies of sport look and feel good, and perform at their highest level. On top of this we are also looking at how we can create or sponsor unique campaigns and events. If you have any ideas or requests, please contact us at ‘info@scrumbum.co.uk’.

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